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Reflections on Life and Intelligence on Planet Earth

Problems of Cosmoplanetary Anthropoecology

by V.P. Kaznacheev and A.V. Trofimov,

J.J. Hurtak (General Editor), Ulrike Granögger (Textual and Scientific Editor)

The detailed studies from Novosibirsk make use of advanced technologies that are based on the far-reaching and controversial ideas of the Russian astrophysicist N.A. Kozyrev. Two patented devices, the Kozyrev Mirror and the Cosmobiotron, allow for new and convincing results in experiments of remote viewing and distant information transfer. What we are seeing is quantum entanglement at work and the evolution of a new ontology of consciousness reality.

In preparing for the new image of humanity in the 21st century it is our hope that this book will help with the problems of quantum ontology and quantum physics in the study of the human evolutionary process of consciousness.

With expanded consciousness, a greater picture of living and dying material strata in this multidimensional universe comes into view whereby we grasp the reality of myriad realms of intelligence creating many universes, each having their consciousness zone and cosmological constant that can even transcend the relativity of Einsteinian science as we know it!

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Hardcover, illustrations and colour image section, 360 pages