Exposition I: The Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch

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A closer look at the predicted changes in biology, genetics, physics, and paraphysics in terms of a new consciousness cosmology. The lessons take you through each of the 54 keys of the book, chapter by chapter, encompassing specific examples of what will be needed in the use of spiritual and consciousness insights to face the toughest requirements, today and tomorrow, in a pluralistic world.

Note: Exposition I is available as a complete series or as three separate parts.

Exposition I, Complete Series: 41 CDs, 53-1/2 hours

Alternate: Exposition I CDs as three separate parts: 

Exposition I, Series 1 – 12 CDs 

Exposition I, Series 2 – 12 CDs

Exposition I, Series 3 – 17 CDs